Christina & Josef WeddingWadley Historic Farm, Lindon


Our wedding day was magical. Everything came together beautifully and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. We got married in the Logan temple and then drove down to the reception center to join our friends and family. Everything was gorgeous. The flowers were so beautiful and the sun was shining in a bright blue sky. Josef’s favorite part was taking pictures in the gardens before the guests arrived. Once they did, we were both overcome with all the love and support we received. I loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much. The food created a great atmosphere, and the grounds made everyone feel at ease and happy to be there. After we talked to everyone who came, we cut our wedding cake. It was so delicious! Magleby’s made it look exactly how I wanted, and I added berry decorations to symbolize our Finnish heritage. When we cut into it and tasted it, we were both amazed at how good it was!

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