THE MAGLEBY’S STORYA Utah valley family that’s been serving the community with the best food for over 40 years.

Forty years ago, retired dentist David “Doc” Parkinson (1930–2014) had a dream to share truly great food with the world. That dream led to the original Magleby’s restaurant, and for over 20 years Doc greeted Magleby’s customers at the door with world-famous breadsticks and a warm welcome.

Our Utah Valley family has been serving the community the best food for decades, and thanks to Lenora Parkinson, Doc’s wonderful wife of 50 years, Magleby’s dessert recipes have become legendary.



Loving Life – And Food Too

When it comes to life, Doc never did anything halfway. Whether it was riding 400,000 miles on his three motorcycles, playing 127 holes of golf in one day, or always asking himself “What Would Christ Do?” Doc was an avid life-lover. And that same passion is found in Magleby’s food.

By pushing his limits to always achieve excellence, Doc created a culinary brand where presentation, taste, and service are all equally important. And once culinary excellence is achieved, that excellence should be shared with everyone—including all the people of Utah Valley.

A True Family Business

Doc’s son, Richard, now manages Magleby’s newest restaurants, Magleby’s at Trivani and The Grotto. Both are located in a historic building on Springville’s Main Street and offer uniquely fantastic dining experiences.

MAGLEBY’S AT TRIVANI serves the traditional Magleby’s menu that our customers have loved since we first opened in the Village Green.

THE GROTTO is the newest Magleby’s achievement and is now a premium steakhouse serving USDA Prime steaks.


Magleby’s Fresh - Quick, Gourmet, and local

Magleby’s Fresh first opened in 1999 to accomplish one goal: to bridge the gap between convenient dining and delicious, gourmet food. Now on-the-go moms and students alike can enjoy the most popular menu items from Magleby’s at nearly half the price. Magleby’s Fresh offers you the pleasure of fine dining, the wholesome goodness of made-from-scratch recipes, and the convenience of fast food all at once.

Check out Magleby’s Fresh

“The food was delicious, the set up was beautiful, and the staff was very professional and friendly!” –McKinzie Young