McCarlie ReceptionSleepy Ridge Reception Hall, Orem


Our wedding day was a day we wish we could live over and over again. Everything was perfect, and we couldn’t have asked for more. The Joe Muscolino Band really created a magical mood as the 600+ guests walked in all the way through the best dance party that ended late into the night. As you entered the party, you could hear the band playing while taking in the breathtaking scent and striking sight of the gorgeous, colorful flowers surrounding the room. The room quickly filled up with the capacity of people it could hold. Everyone was having a great time talking and laughing with each other, and the guests couldn’t get enough of the dancing, the band, or the elegant atmosphere.

A party is not a party without good food! The food was beautifully placed on a table surrounded by an ice sculpture and was always refilled when needed! We had wonderful chocolate-covered strawberries, Magleby’s dreamy chocolate cake, two types of sandwiches made on Magelby’s irresistible rolls, and delicious salads. Our wedding day celebration was more than we could have asked for and definitely the most wonderful day of our lives! It was an unforgettable wedding and the guests still talk about it to this day.

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